Jakarta, January 12, 2024 - On a proud evening at the Hilton Garden Inn Taman Palem Jakarta, Indonesia Awards Center held a prestigious event to recognize excellence and outstanding contributions. One of the highlight of the evening was the "Asia Excellence Womenpreneur Winner Choice 2024" award given to Bhavna Batra, Founder & CEO of SYNERGGIE, a leading event management and consulting company.

This award gives special recognition to women who have made outstanding contributions in the business world, and Bhavna Batra was chosen as the honoree for her outstanding dedication to consulting and event management.

SYNERGGIE has been a leader in the consulting and event management industry, delivering high quality services to clients across Asia. Bhavna Batra, with her vision and leadership, has guided the company to tremendous success.

The "Asia Excellence Womenpreneur Winner Choice 2024" award not only recognizes Bhavna Batra's achievements as a successful businesswoman, but also serves as an inspiration to many young women who dream of entering the business world. Receiving this award reaffirms the key role of women in changing the face of the business world and provides encouragement for women to pursue their dreams.

The Indonesia Awards Center continues to be committed to recognizing and rewarding individuals and companies that contribute significantly in various sectors, and this evening witnessed Bhavna Batra's success as one of the most outstanding women in Asian business.

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